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Glooscap First Nation acquires Yarmouth Bar Fisheries and SeaKist Lobster

Glooscap first Nation is pleased to announce that it has acquired controlling shares in both Yarmouth Bar Fisheries and Seakist Lobster Inc, both located in Yarmouth Nova Scotia. This new business addition compliments Glooscap's established fisheries business which include three vessels that catch tuna, lobster, and swordfish in the Bay of Fundy.

In February, the Honorable Seamus O'Regan, Minister of Indigenous Services, congratulated Chief Sidney Peters, the Council, and Glooscap First Nation on the acquisition of the SeaKist Lobster as well as Yarmouth Bar Fisheries Limited, a seafood distribution company.

The new Glooscap businesses will be an important source of revenue for the community, help support fisheries, and create additional full- and part-time employment opportunities.

"This is an exciting time for Glooscap First Nation. We continue to grow and invest in projects that create more jobs and opportunities for Glooscap and Yarmouth," says Chief Sydney Peters of the Glooscap First Nation. "Seafood is an important part of our Mi'kmaw culture, and we are looking to build on that by creating a Glooscap Seafood brand that will be sold internationally. Glooscap is a small community in Nova Scotia but we are very strong in promoting community economic development and we appreciate the support we have received to make this happen."

Glooscap First Nation is located approximately 70 kilometres northwest of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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