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Glooscap First Nation is the 2nd in Nova Scotia to receive Financial Management System Certification

Christmas comes early for Glooscap First Nation: Glooscap First Nation is the 2nd in Nova Scotia to receive Financial Management System Certification

Hantsport, NS - Glooscap First Nation is a Mi’kmaq community with its reserve located approximately 7 kilometers from the community of Hantsport in the province of Nova Scotia.

In November 2019, the Nation received their Financial Management System (FMS) Certificate from the First Nations Financial Management Board (FMB), making it the second Nation in Nova Scotia to achieve this coveted certification.

Glooscap First Nation is a small rural Mi’kmaq community located in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley. Over the past six years, the Chief and Council of Glooscap First Nation have focused their attention on improving administrative and financial operations and developing responsible and sustainable economic development. The Nation actively participates in the retail sector (Glooscap Landing along Nova Scotia’s Highway 101), the commercial lobster fishery, and renewable energy. In 2014, Glooscap First Nation established a social enterprise, Glooscap Ventures, to develop profit and employment opportunities that would bring jobs and revenue back to the community for programs and services.

As part of this journey, Glooscap First Nation developed a Financial Administration Law (FAL) and received a Financial Performance Certificate in 2017 that allowed the Nation to become a borrowing member of the First Nations Finance Authority. This allowed them to develop economic development opportunities as well as invest in the community, specifically through the construction of a new on-reserve store, playground and community centre.

When asked about why Glooscap First Nation moved forward with FMS certification, Chief Sidney Peters said, “As Chief and Council, we have an obligation to our members to follow through on the promises we make. They asked us for accountable and transparent governance and this was a means to achieving that goal. Glooscap is a small rural community and we knew that if we wanted to grow, we had to do it in a way that was accountable to our local community and government partners but more importantly to our members. Achieving FMS demonstrates to funders that we are financially healthy, properly managed and ready for growth.

Hopefully this Certification also allows our members to have full confidence in the work we are doing on their behalf. We, as a nation, are very proud of this accomplishment.”

Amanda Peters, Director of Policy and Planning with Glooscap First Nation said “It was a lot of hard work and a lot of navigating change. But it was well worth it to show to our members and partners that Glooscap is a progressive community. The policies and procedures ensure honest and efficient management of resources, both human and financial. We are pleased to be the second community in Atlantic to achieve FMS Certification and one of 28 in Canada. It’s quite an accomplishment for our small community. Our Council had a vision and the staff made it happen.”

Capacity Development Manager Nathan Sack (FMB) recalls his experience of working with Glooscap. He said, “The team at Glooscap were great to work with. Their good work demonstrates their commitment to the community and the next seven generations”.

Harold Calla, the FMB Executive Chair and a member of the Squamish Nation said, “This milestone will allow Glooscap First Nation to expand their economic development opportunities through increased capacity and access to capital. This small but mighty Nation had set an example for other Nations in Nova Scotia as well as across Canada.  Smaller Nations would greatly benefit from the FMS Certification and should not be deterred on account of their size and capacity.” The FMB congratulates Glooscap First Nation on this incredible achievement!

About Glooscap First Nation: Glooscap First Nation is located in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley halfway between the towns of Wolfville and Windsor. The rural community is not far from Blomidon Provincial Park, the ancestral home of Glooscap. While the community was founded in 1984, Mi'kmaq people have lived and travelled these lands for thousands of years. This area was an important hunting ground for our ancestors, who travelled along the natural river systems. As of 2019, population of Glooscap is 391 members of which approximately 100 live on the reserve making it the third-smallest First Nation community in Nova Scotia. For more information visit:

About FMB: The Financial Management Board is a First Nations-led nonprofit organization that supports First Nations in developing sound finance and governance practices. The FMB was created under the First Nations Fiscal Management Act in 2006. Services are offered at no charge to First Nations. For more information on production and services, visit

Media Contacts:

FMB Harold Calla, Executive Chair: 604-925-6665

Glooscap First Nation

Amanda Peters, Director of Policy and Planning: 902-684-9788

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